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14.77 lakh people administered Covid-19 vaccination in State

A Spokesperson of the State Government informed here today that till date 14.77 lakh people have been administered COVID vaccination in the State out of which 2.37 lakh have been administered the second dose as well.

He said the number of COVID positive cases are increasing in the State and most of these were asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. These cases are recommended to be kept under home isolation, as per, revised guidelines issued by the Government of India. All the lab positive cases which do not have any symptoms and having oxygen saturation at room air of more than 94% are clinically asymptomatic cases. Whereas all the lab positive cases which are having fever or upper respiratory tract symptoms without any shortness of breath and having oxygen saturation at room air of more than 94 percent are clinically assigned as mild cases and should isolate him/herself at their residence.

He said that COVID positive patient must isolate from other household members, stay in the identified, well ventilated room and away from other people in home, especially elderly and those with co-morbid conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, renal disease etc. The patient should at all times use triple layer medical mask, discard the mask after eight hours of use. Patient must take healthy diet, rest and drink lot of fluids to maintain adequate hydration. Hand hygiene, using soap and water for hand washing at least for 40 seconds or alcohol based hand rub can be used and must be ensured if contact with ill person or his/her immediate environment has been made. Utensils and dishes used by the patients should be cleaned with soap/detergent and gloves, so that the same could be reused. Patient must be in communication with a treating physician and promptly report in case of deterioration. Patient/care giver will keep monitoring their health.

He further said that immediate medical attention must be sought if serious signs or symptoms develop, like difficulty in breathing, dip in oxygen saturation persistent pain or pressure in the chest or mental confusion or inability to arouse. Patient under home isolation will stand discharged and end isolation after at least 10 days have passed from onset of symptoms (or from date of sampling for asymptomatic cases) and no fever for three days. There is no need for testing after the home isolation period is over. Regarding medicines in home isolation, it has been categorically advised NOT to attempt procurement or administration of remdisivir at home. There is limited role of oral steroids too, however, inhalational Budesonide can be added if symptoms do not resolve after five days.

The Spokesperson further added that the State Government is taking every possible step to contain the spread of COVID by imposing restrictions. Further the various District Administrations have also imposed additional restrictions in various districts keeping in view the local factors. The general public is being requested to avoid unnecessary visits to market places/crowded places, if it is very urgent then they may visit the above mentioned places by following guidelines issued by State Government from time to time and COVID appropriate behavior may be ensured.