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1562 e-Postal ballots uploaded for service voters of Dharamshala and Pachhad ACs

Additional Chief Electoral Officer Rupali Thakur said here today that total 1562 e-Postal ballots have been generated and uploaded successfully on Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) for all service voters registered in Dharamshala and Pachhad Assembly Constituencies (ACs).

She said that in Dharamshala AC, the total number of service voters was 984 out of which 927 were male and 57 female. Similarly, Pachhad AC has total 578 service voters, which include 568 male and 10 female voters.

With the uploading of these e-Postal ballots, service voters can cast their vote electronically from the place of their posting, outside the constituency. The secrecy is maintained through use of OTP and PIN and no duplication of ETPB is possible due to the unique QR code printed on each e-Postal ballot, she added

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