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ACS Health urges people to observe all precautions during unlock

Additional Chief Secretary Health R. D. Dhiman has urged the people of the State to observe all precautions to combat coronavirus during unlock period. He said that the process of unlock has started in phased manner and it is important to follow the guidelines issued by the State government.

He said that as the economic and tourism activities would be increasing in the State, therefore it was important to stay alert of this virus for self safety and safety of the society. He also urged the people not to get afraid of this Corona virus and to follow the guidelines issued by the Government, maintain self hygiene, keeping physical distance of one meter or three feet from another person, to avoid crowding at one place, cover the mouth with a mask or face cover and do not touch the nose, eyes and mouth. Also avoid such wards in the hospital where patients of corona virus were being treated. He said that in case a person was suffering from fever, cough, cold or having difficulty in breathing, the person should immediately contact helpline number 104 or avail services of esanjeevani OPD.