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‘At Home’ not to be organised at Raj Bhavan

Governor Bandaru Dattatraya has decided not to organise ‘At Home’ at Raj Bhavan on Independence Day this year. He said this decision has been taken in wake of corona pandemic. He said that the tradition of ‘At Home’ at Raj Bhavan on Independence Day is continuing since long, however, this year the event has been cancelled in the interest of health and safety of everyone.

He said that today the entire world is in the clutches of COVID-19 pandemic and the number of affected persons is rising rapidly in the country. Even though, the people of the State are following rules of social distancing, however, it is important to keep everyone safe. He emphasized on physical distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and also appealed to make it a habit.

He further said the decision would also help the Raj Bhavan’s endeavour to reduce expenditure.