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Centre government approves five PSA plants for HP

A spokesperson of the Health department said here today that it is being observed that the deaths occurring in the second wave of Covid-19 are in the relatively younger age group i.e. in 40s or 50s in many cases. State clinical team is analyzing the details of the death cases regularly. They have come up with the observation that in most of the cases people are having symptoms suggestive of Covid like fever, cough, cold etc. but they ignore these and try to get home medications and are reporting late in the health institutions. Some of the people who have unfortunately succumbed to the disease had even a history of visiting quack for treatment.

He informed that the people are reporting to the health institutions when the symptoms get severe or the condition gets deteriorated and when they are investigated in the Hospital they are found not only to be Covid positive but their other investigations reveal that there is extensive damage to many organs, which is irreversible many times. This is leading to unfortunate mortality.

He appealed that all the persons should come forward for their testing if they are having any Corona suggestive symptom like fever, cough, running nose, breathlessness, loss of taste or smell etc. He also suggested that all the persons who happened to be in close contact of any Covid positive person should also get themselves tested. Early diagnosis and timely treatment is imperative to achieve good clinical outcomes. It is not at all advisable to neglect the symptoms of the disease, howsoever mild the symptoms may be.

Centre government approves five PSA plants for HP

A spokesperson of the Health department said here today that as per the report by the logistics team, total oxygen production installed capacity in the State is around 85 MT per day and the current utilization capacity is around 67 MT. Current consumption of the State is around 56 MT of oxygen. Current inventory of D-type cylinders is around 6300 and that of B type is around 2250.

A liquid oxygen cryo facility of 15KL is functional at Tanda Medical College. An Air Separation Unit (ASU) facility is functional at IGMC of around 350 D- type capacity.

The PSA plants have been added to the State’s resources in the last few months and are now functional at Dr. YSPGMC Nahan, Pt. JLNGMC Chamba, Dr. RKGMC Hamirpur, ZH Dharamshala, DDU Shimla and SLBSGMC Ner Chowk. Two PSA plants of 1000 LPM are being constructed at MCH ZH Mandi and CH Palampur. The Government of India has now approved 5 more PSA plants to be established in coordination with DRDO in the State of Himachal Pradesh. Two of these plants would be established at IGMC Shimla and one each at Regional Hospital Una, Regional Hospital Solan and Military Hospital, Yol. Each of these plants will have 1000 LPM capacity.

In addition, the 20 Kilo Litre cryogenic tank at IGMC Shimla has been installed and the trial of the same would be conducted in coming few days.

Third day of vaccination for 18-44 years age group on 24th  May


A spokesperson of the Health department said here today that the third day of vaccination drive for 18-44 years age group will be held on 24th May, 2021 in the state of Himachal Pradesh. For this 217 number of vaccination centers have been established in the State. To get themselves registered and for booking appointment sessions were published on COWIN portal throughout the State on 22 th and 21539 Persons booked their schedule till now. He appealed to all the persons who have booked their schedule to come at the vaccination centres as per their schedule only, to avoid unnecessary crowd at these centers. He also urged them to observe Covid appropriate behaviour at the centres.

He informed that vaccination will be given only to those who have booked their schedule on the COWIN portal beforehand. He appealed that only those persons should come to the vaccination centre, who have already booked their schedule. The next date of vaccination for 18-44 years will be 27th May 2021 and sessions for that day will be published on the COWIN portal on 25th May, 2021.