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Chief Electoral Officer calls on Governor

Chief Electoral Officer C. Paulrasu called on Governor Bandaru Dattatraya at Raj Bhavan, today and presented a documented report of General Election to Lok Sabha-2019 in the State.

On the occasion, the Governor appreciated the efforts of the Himachal Pradesh Election department in compiling the important data highlighting Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) activities.  He said that in Himachal Pradesh, the Election Department was discharging its responsibility with commitment and impartiality.  It has not only conducted free and fair elections but has also encouraged voters to participate in large numbers in the electoral process, he added.  He said that the SVEEP campaign has been played an important role during the Lok Sabha elections – 2019.

Shri Dattatraya said that the state recorded the highest voting percentage of 72.42 in the Lok Sabha elections–2019 for which HP Election Department deserved commendation for such a huge turnout.  He hoped that the document would inspire everyone to make every election a participatory, inclusive and festive occasion. Precautions should be taken in the enrolment and deletion process of the election, particularly in the urban areas, he advised.  He added that a third party may be engaged in the verification process.

CEO apprised about the SVEEP activities and said that SVEEP was implemented extensively for motivating and facilitating eligible citizens to enrol and subsequently cast their votes voluntarily.  He said that targeted interventions made under SVEEP bore fruitful results, not only in terms of enhanced E.P ratio of 703 and gender ratio of 980 almost to match with the census ratio, but also in terms of the highest voter turnout in the State.

Rakesh Kanwar, Secretary to Governor, Rupali Thakur and Dalip Negi Additional CEO and Neeraj Sharma, OSD were also present on the occasion.