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Conference hall of Gaiety Theatre to be used for literary and cultural activities

A spokesperson of the state government informed here today that to revive and encourage literary activities in Shimla by literary and cultural organisations, the conference hall of Gaiety Theatre Shimla would be used for this purpose.

The spokesperson said that the seminar hall would be given free of cost to the empanelled organisations for twelve days in a year for each organisation carrying literary and cultural activities including discussions, seminars, book reading, book release, storytelling, poetry sessions, meet the author and other such events. Director of Language and Cultural Department would do the empanelment of such organisations. Such organisations would have to intimate the purpose with details of programme or activities to be done by them two weeks in advance.

The hall would be made available on first come first serve basis and incase of any clash of dates, the concerned organisations would have to mutually adjust the dates. The Department of HAACL or Gaiety Dramatic Society (GDS) would continue to have the first right of use of the seminar hall and the Department of Language and Culture/HAACL and all other Government organisations, departments and other private organisations would have to pay the usual charges.

The facility could be used on any day including Sundays and holidays between 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The department of Language and Culture reserves the right for empanelment and those interested can apply. The empanelment would be done keeping in view the age of organisation, literary activities done by it in the past, number of members etc and empanelment would be reviewed annually. In case any empanelled organisations receive financial support from Department of Language and Culture for any particular event planned in the Gaiety Theatre Seminar Hall, such organisations would have to pay normal hiring charges to GDS. These guidelines would come into force with immediate effect and would remain in force till December, 2022.