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Covid vaccination strategy for month of June, 2021

A Spokesperson of the Health department said here today that 2478330 doses of vaccine have been administered to the people of the State out of which 2041386 first doses and 436944 second doses have been given.

He said that State is continuously working to cover the maximum population in the eligible age groups. To ramp up the process, the decisions have been taken for the vaccination of above 45 years of age and priority groups, FLWs, HCWs, Sessions would be held on four working days in a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Monday and Thursday would be reserved for 18-44 years age group, he added.

He said that cut off date for vaccination of the age group of 45 years and above along with HCW, FLW and Prioritised groups is fixed to be 19th June 2021. The persons of the concerned categories may get themselves vaccinated with first dose before 19th June 2021. He said that follow up of second due dose would be taken up at the district and sub district level based on second dose due and second dose due alert report derived from CoWIN.

He said that the sessions for 18-44 years of age shall be held on the 14th and 17th of June 2021. Vaccine allocation has been made to the districts based on the population proportion of 18-44 years. The vaccine flow would be maintained as per mechanism already established in the state for the districts. FEFO principle shall be strictly followed. He said that Districts have been asked to keep in mind the following points while planning sessions.

He said that these vaccines shall be used as per the State approved strategy for tribal, hard and other areas. The sessions can be published in onsite registration mode, facilitated cohort mobilisation mode in tribal/hard areas with the active cooperation of local administration while in other areas, the sessions would required to be booked online.

The Spokesperson said that sessions would be published as per the prevailing guidelines between 2.30 pm to 3 pm two days prior to the actual date of session. He said that sessions shall be planned for 14th June and 17th June, 2021 as per the vaccine procured by the State.

He said that keeping in view the left out vaccine left with a particular session site after conducting a session for the 18 to 44 years of age, session capacity of more than 100 can be published in consultation with the Nodal Incharge for vaccination center/vaccinator for the sessions planned on 17th June 2021 as per the available vaccine with that particular session site/cold chain point.

He said that sessions would be extended as per previous guidelines for 14th June but for 17th June 2021, sessions may be extended till the vaccine exhausts at the planned Covid Vaccination Centre session exclusively for 17th June 2021 only as per the prescribed mode of publishing.

Revised guidelines for implementation of National Covid Vaccination Programme

National Covid Vaccination Program has given priority to strengthen the country’s healthcare system by protecting the professionals, health and frontline workers. The Covid vaccination in the country commenced with vaccination to all Health Care Workers followed by Front Line Workers, citizens more than 60 years of age, citizens more than 45 years of age and eventually citizens more than 18 years of age. This was informed by a spokesperson of the Health Department here today.

He said that as per the guidelines effective from 1st May, 2021, the State was procuring vaccines for 18 to 44 years of age group. He said that these guidelines have been revised now. As per new guidelines Government of India will procure 75 percent of the vaccines being produced by the manufacturers in the country. The vaccines procured would continue to be provided free of cost to States. These doses would be administered free of cost to all citizens as per priority through Government Vaccination Centres, he added.

He said that the prioritization has been given to Health Care Workers, Front Line Workers, citizens more than 45 years of age, citizens whose second dose has become due, citizens of 18 years and above and within the population group of citizens more than 18 years of age.

He said that vaccine doses provided free of cost by the Government of India would be allocated to States based on criteria such as population, disease burden and the progress of vaccination. Wastage of vaccine could affect the allocation negatively. The Government of India shall provide advance information of vaccine doses to be supplied to the States and States shall further allocate doses to the districts. The information about the above availability at the district shall be widely disseminated among the local population.

He further said that all citizens irrespective of their income status are entitled to free vaccination. Those who have the ability to pay are encouraged to use private hospital’s vaccination centres. The CoWIN platform provides every citizen the facility of conveniently and safely pre-booking vaccination appointments and the revised guidelines shall come into effect from 21st June 2021.

Vaccine prices fixed for private Covid Vaccine Centres in State

A Spokesperson of the Health Department here today said that as per the revised guidelines for implementation of National COVID Vaccination Programme issued on 08th June 2021, the price of Vaccine doses for private hospitals would be declared by each vaccine manufacturer. He said that any subsequent changes in the price would be notified in advance. The Private hospitals may charge a maximum of Rs. 150/- per dose as service charges.

Spokesperson said that the manufactures have decided the prices for all the Covid vaccines for private hospitals. He said that the private Covid Vaccine Centres could charge a maximum of Rs. 780 for Covishield, Rs. 1410 for Covaxin and Rs. 1145 for Sputnik V.

He said that CoWIN is putting the required validations in place to ensure that the prices declared by the various private vaccination centers do not exceed the maximum price. The State shall regularly monitor the prices being charged by the private CVCs from the citizens. The Government shall initiate action against the private CVC wherever instances of overcharging come to the notice.