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Feature – Commendable efforts by Chief Minister Helpline to boost morale of Covid-19 patients

As COVID-19 has gripped the world community and has created panic amongst the people, Himachal Pradesh could also not survive the imminent danger posed by the pandemic. However being very sensitive towards the plight of people affected by pandemic the state government has been playing a pivotal role in carefully handling and managing the situation.

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur himself has come forward to help citizens to over come the fear of Corona and has strictly instructed the Chief Minister Helpline staff to regularly be in touch telephonically with the Covid patients and assist them to overcome the mental trauma by inquring about their problems, if any, faced by them in Covid Centres and those who are isolated under home quarnitine.

Initiating the self directions the Chief Minister personally called over two dozen Covid patients and inquired about their well being.

In order to ensure compliance of the directions of Jai Ram Thakur, calls are being made to Covid-19 patients by employees of the Chief Minister Helpline-1100.

The Chief Minister has been making persistent efforts to control and prevent the Corona pandemic. He has been interacting with the Deputy Commissioners, Superintendents of Police, Chief Medical Officers and other senior officers of all the districts on weekly basis and gives out various directions for the proper management of Corona.

During the last seven days, 1253 Covid-19 patients have been contacted on telephone by employees of Chief Minister Helpline, which include 29.6 percent females and 70.4 percent male patients.

Covid-19 patients who were contacted through the Chief Minister Helpline expressed satisfaction with the facilities being provided by the State Government and medical facilities provided to them.

The patients undergoing quarantine remarked that people in the villages should be made more aware about precaution and safety measures for prevention from Corona. They said that strict action should be taken against those who do not use face masks properly or follow the guidelines.

Employees of the Chief Minister Helpline are trying to encourage and boost the morale of Covid-19 patients by interacting with them over the phone. Incase of any issue being faced by the patients, necessary steps are also being taken to resolve it.

The state government has directed senior medical officers to continuously inspect the Covid wards and to provide free medical treatment to corona positive patients.

The state government has decided not to organize any political functions in the state till 15th December, 2020. People have been asked to maintain adequate social distance in public places and strictly follow the use of face masks. The government has limited the number of people in all social, cultural and political events upto 50 to break the chain.

Telephone calls made through the Chief Minister Helpline is a worthwhile effort by the state government to boost the morale of Covid patients. It also reflects Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur’s affection for the people of the state and his distinct style of functioning.