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Government imposes ban on transfers

A spokesperson of the State government informed here today that keeping in view the COVID-19 situation a complete ban has been imposed on transfers in the State.

He said that the ban has been imposed with clear stipulations that no transfer or adjustments will be ordered by any Department/Board/Corporation/Universities etc. during the ban period, except in the rarest of the rare cases that is only on extreme medical grounds or on administrative exigencies that too with the prior approval of the Chief Minister through the concerned Minister in-charge in accordance with the Comprehensive Guiding Principles dated 10th July, 2013.

He said that the decision has been taken by the State Government as a precautionary and preventive measure to avoid unnecessary movement of Officers/ Officials and Public Representative in HP Secretariat, Directorates and other Government offices.

The State Government has appealed the people of the State to unnecessarily avoid footfall in the HP Secretariat and Government offices and to provide their support in containing the spread of coronavirus. Government has also urged the people to maintain proper social distancing and use face mask.