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Governor and CM felicitate people on Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti—Shops and markets allowed to open on weekends in state

Governor Bandaru Dattatraya and Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur have felicitated the people of the State on the occasion of Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti.

The Governor said that Sant Guru Kabir Das was a great poet and was known for his influence on the common people through his spiritual teachings.

In his felicitation message, the Chief Minister said that 15th centuries revolutionary saint, poet and social reformer Sant Kabir propagated oneness of the Supreme Being across all religions.

He said that Sant Kabir wrote couplets and devotional songs extolling the greatness of the Almighty that pervades all things, adding that his teaching were more relevant today.

Shops and markets allowed to open on weekends in state

A Spokesperson of the state government informed here today that the as per the decision taken by the state Cabinet in its meeting on Tuesday, the markets, malls, shops, restaurants, dhabas, other eateries and bars etc. would be allowed to open on weekends also.

He said that the government has authorised the local administration of the districts to decide weekly closing day for all markets and shops as per the provisions issued under relevant law.