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Governor unveils Cutouts for COVID-19

Governor Bandaru Dattatraya today unveiled a cut-out prepared by Shimla Police for social awareness of COVID-19 at Raj Bhavan. Superintendent of Police, Shimla, Mohit Chawla and his other team members of District Police Administration were also present on the occasion.

The Governor appreciated the initiative and said that during the Corona pandemic, the police personnel have done an excellent job in fighting COVID-19 as frontline warriors. Police friendly attitude during this period has changed the mindset of the people towards the police. He said the police personnel have earned a lot of respect from the people of the state for their role performed is assisting people during Covid-19 pandemic. While staying away from their homes and families, even when people celebrate the festival, a policeman has to be on duty.

He said that the fight against the Corona pandemic was yet not over. Therefore, we have to be cautious until its medicine was available, he added and urged the people to wear masks and make a habit of washing hands with soap. Maintain physical distancing in public places and like a responsible citizen, follow these guidelines and be a participant in the victory from Corona. He called for cooperation in the Prime Minister’s mass movement appeal against COVID-19.

Shri Dattatraya appealed to intensify the police campaign against drugs and said that the police could play an important role in protecting youth from drug addiction.

On the occasion of Police Commemoration Day, the Governor paid tribute to all the police personnel who have laid down their lives for the country