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Governor urges social organizations to work against drug addiction

A special interactive session with various social organizations was held at Raj Bhavan under the chairmanship of Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar on Sunday.

The Governor said that social harmony and organizational unity was the identity of our nation. Social organizations were leading the society as their words reach up to the last corner of the society. He said that everyone was making efforts for nation building. He expressed happiness that all the organizations were doing the work of imparting values for the development of the future generation.

“Today’s situation is motivating us to do something. If we do not move in this direction, we will lose something. We have to do something for the society and there is a need to bring more speed in this work”, said the Governor.

He said that the youth was in the grip of drugs and everyone needs to worry to save them from this addiction. To save the future generation from this evil, everyone has to work together for the interest of the nation, he added.

During the interactive session, the Governor was apprised of the social work being done by all the organizations at their own level. They briefed about the various activities being executed by their organizations. They also mentioned the special works done during the Corona period. Most of the delegates suggested social harmony and working together actively.