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In the school of peace, we are all students: Governor

Governor Bandaru Dattatraya said that Bharat Scouts and Guides Himachal Pradesh has an important contribution in the field of peace and the way it is developing the capacity of youth, making them active citizens and working towards spread of peace was laudable.

The Governor, who is also the patron of Bharat Scouts and Guides, Himachal Pradesh was speaking on the occasion of International Day of Peace through video conferencing from Raj Bhavan, Shimla, today.

The Governor appreciated Bharat Scouts and Guides Himachal Pradesh for their efforts for peace and their participation in organizing the Peace Day program every year.

He said “When we talk of education for peace, we have to understand that it is not about only children. In the school of peace, we are all students and we all must work hard to improve our performance in this school”. He said that in the current scenario when there is a greater threat to peace, there is a need to understand its importance, and to play a more active role in spreading and protecting peace.

He said that Peace means the stability of mind. If any action that is in our own interest, in the interest of others, in the interest of nature then our mind becomes stable and a smile comes to our face, which is called Peace. The meaning of this year’s theme ‘Shaping Peace Together, is that all of us together should establish peace and for the sake of world peace we all work together with compassion, kindness and hope.

He said that the International Day of Peace provides us with a valuable opportunity to assess our progress for peace and to repeat the resolution. This day reminds us that in this era of immense scientific progress and global development, peace is still a fragile pigeon that needs more care and protection. In view of the global upheaval, the importance of the International Day of Peace is even more important. He asked all to pledge to become better students in the school of peace so that we can have peace in our home, neighbourhood and our country.

Earlier, Director of Higher Education and State Chief Commissioner of Bharat Scouts and Guides Himachal Pradesh, Amarjeet Kumar Sharma, welcomed the Governor and lauded the role of the organization in playing a constructive role in society.

Secretary to Governor, Rakesh Kanwar, was also present on the occasion.