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Lactating mothers to be vaccinated as priority group in State

A spokesperson of the Health Department informed here today that the State Government has decided to include lactating mothers, prisoners of foreign origin and employees of Department of Labour and Employment as front line workers. He said that notification in this regard has been issued. He said that specific formats of identification certification to be generated for the purpose of Covid-19 vaccination registration and authentication on CoWIN portal by the concerned Departments has been circulated in the field.

He said that authorities have being designated to certify these front line workers. He said that Circle Supervisor of Women and Child Development Department and Health Supervisor/Health Worker of Health and Family Welfare Department would issue certificate to all lactating mothers. He said that Superintendent of Jail would issue certificate to prisoners of foreign and Labour Inspector/Head of Department to employees of Labour and Employment Department.

He added that the format of certification duly signed and verified by authorities shall be accepted for the purpose of vaccination. The responsibility for issuing the certificate to genuine persons shall lie entirely with the signing officers/officials. He further clarified that these groups have been added for the purpose of Covid-19 vaccination and shall not accrue any other benefit in favor of the beneficiary.

He said that the premise of including lactating mothers amongst the prioritized group for Covid-19 vaccination has been the anticipated third wave of the Covid-19 in which it has been expected that the paediatric population shall be affected more. The timely vaccination of priority groups shall ensure that the effects of the anticipated third wave will be mitigated. Further it was informed that the priority groups identified by the State including the Health care workers should get themselves vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine latest by 19th June 2021.

The State has vaccinated 1,49,906 of Front Line Workers with first dose and 42,348  of Front Line Workers with second dose till 9th June, 2021.