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More than 13,000 migrants being provided food facility

he Himachal Pradesh Government in coordination with non government organizations has been providing food to nearly thirteen thousand migrants in 24 food camps. The officers of the State government are monitoring the situation in the camps.

The State Government has provided benefit in these food camps to 689 persons in Bilaspur, 2,688 in Chamba, 238 in Kangra, two in Kinnaur, 678 in Kullu, 245 in Mandi, 1,379 in Shimla and 6,834 in Sirmour district have been provided food in these food camps.

Besides this, shelters to more than five hundred persons have been provided in 19 relief camps and shelters. These relief camps and food camps have been set up in schools, temples are assuring regular supply of food to stranded migrant people.

Of these, three relief camps and shelters are being run in Kangra district housing 89 persons, one in Kullu housing eight persons, one in Mandi housing 18 persons, two in Shimla housing 94 persons,  five in Sirmour housing 69 persons and seven in Solan housing 234 persons.

As a result of the situation arisen due to lockdown, many migrant labourers reported that they barely had enough money to support basic household expenses. At that time, State government took the initiative to bear expenses of these incapacitated people.

As a result of the appeal made by State Government thousands of workers are being provided shelter and food by their employers at the workplace.

Besides food and shelter to migrant labourers, people of the State in need have also been given nearly ten lakh ration and food packets.

“State government gave us necessary facilities while providing relief in times of crisis”, said Dil Bahadur and Rajan, laborers of Nepali origin in district Kinnaur”. Similarly, Munna and Amar Chand of Uttar Pradesh working in Kinnaur also praised the state government and said that they too have been provided all possible help by the Himachal Pradesh government.

“National lockdown has created hardships for the migrant workers who lost employment in the wake of lockdown due to COVID-19 making them to run out of food. State government is ensuring to provide adequate support, including food and shelter to these migrant agricultural labourers, industrial workers and other unorganized sector workers during period of lockdown.

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