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Paediatric Task Force constituted to study anticipated scenario of third wave of Covid-19

A spokesperson of the State Government said here that a high level meeting was held to discuss the anticipated third wave of COVID-19.

He said that as per the opinion of medical experts, the anticipated third wave may hit India in another 3-4 months and to tackle the third wave effectively the State Government has decided to constitute a Paediatric Task Force.

The spokesperson said that the Task force would study the overall scenario and give appropriate recommendations from time to time. It would also study the availability of infrastructure in various PICU, M-NICU, SNCU, NBSU etc and draw up appropriate plans as per need for augmentation of machinery, equipment and Human Resources in the state.

He said that the mass vaccination programme is currently underway for above 18 years of age group and by the next 3-4 months this segment would be largely vaccinated which might leave the children vulnerable to the third wave of COVID-19.

 Spokesperson further informed that the Government was acting proactively to strengthen the facilities so that the situation might be handled in the best possible way in case the anticipated third wave strikes the State.