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Partial modifications in Corona curfew orders

A spokesperson of the state government said here today that partial modifications have been made in the orders issued by the State Executive Committee of Disaster Management on 5 May 2021 relating to imposing Corona curfew in the state from 7 to 17 May, 2021 to control this virus in the state.

He said that along-with police, home guards, civil defence, fire, disaster management, prisons, municipal services and offices providing essential services, Information and Public Relations department would also remain open without any restrictions.

The spokesman said that it has been mentioned in the orders in part 4 of point no.10 that all departments of the state government other than those providing essential services during the lockdown would remain closed. According to the revised orders, the term lockdown should be read as curfew. Similarly, the lockdown word used under general guidance during lockdown in point number 11 should also be read as curfew. Under the penal provision of point number 14, the word lockdown used should also be read as curfew.