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IPH Minister visits Seletar Reservoir in Singapore

Environment friendly model could be replicated in Himachal: Mahender Singh

 Irrigation, Public Health and Horticulture Minister Mahender Singh today visited Lower Seletar reservoir located in the northern part of Singapore, to the east of Yishun New Town.

The Minister appreciated the efforts of Public Utility Board (PUB) Singapore for maintaining water quality of the reservoir and presenting it as a tourist attraction and a model for safe and clean environment. He said Himachal Pradesh is a land of huge rivers and scores of rivulets emerging from various mountains and Himalayas. He said efforts would be made to ensure clean and pollution free rivers flowing in various parts of the State.

          He said that Active Beautiful Clean (ABC) programme launched by Public Utility Board has led to considerable improvement in water quality and enhanced liveability. It has transformed Singapore’s canals, rivers and reservoirs into beautiful recreational spaces, where people can be close to water and naturally become stewards of the waterways and water bodies.

Mahender Singh said that Active Beautiful Clean Programme could be replicated for tertiary treatment of effluent from Sewerage Treatment Plants.  It was proposed to select one site near Suketi Khad, one near downstream of Jahoo  Bazaar and in Shimla near Ashwani Khad to evolve a similar working Model.

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