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State Committed to Protect Wildlife and Prevent Wildlife Crimes

In its pursuit of protection of wildlife in Himachal Pradesh, the State Police is keeping a continuous vigil and taking strict action against perpetrators of wildlife crimes.

Stating this, Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu said here today that since January 2021, the State Police has arrested a total of 22 persons under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and several sections of the IPC as found involved in 16 different cases of unlawfully detaining, killing and smuggling of wildlife of different kinds including leopards, sambars, cobras and lizards etc.

Sanjay Kundu said that the State Police on the 15th of June, has recovered and seized one more skin of an adult leopard in Solan and arrested the accused red-handed before he could reach the inter-state barrier near Parwanoo. As per the accused, he was about to cross the barrier, with the skin concealed in his bag.

Director General of Police said that earlier last week, on the 6th of June, Shimla Police has recovered and seized three leopard skins, teeth and nails from a shop in New Shimla and arrested three accused. He said that the State Police had also recovered three leopard skins in Dehra of district Kangra on the 17th of February this year.