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Statement of Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj

Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj today said that he has been home quarantined since 2nd October, 2020 and tested COVID-19 positive today.

He said that his elder son tested COVID-19 negative while the younger son tested positive on 5th October. He said there were some false reports about his elder son being tested positive.

Suresh Bhardwaj said that the doctor had advised him to self-isolate after his younger son was tested COVID-19 positive.

He said that his wife was hospitalised and has tested positive for COVID-19.

 The Minister also got himself tested and was tested positive. He said that he would be under home quarantine although he is not experiencing any complications.

“I was already isolated at home for last 5 days. I will join the office to serve the society as soon as I recover from COVID-19,” he said.