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Wildlife Wing of Forest Department working actively to contain outbreak of H5NI Avian Influenza virus

A spokesperson of Forest Department informed here today that the cause of mortality in migratory birds at Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary has been identified to be H5NI Avian Influenza virus, on the basis of test results of samples sent to NIHASD Bhopal. He said the Wildlife Wing of HP Forest Department is working actively to control and contain this outbreak and field staff has been directed to maintain strict vigil and active surveillance on the situation.

The spokesperson said that the Avian Influenza/Bird Flu is a disease caused by a virus that infects domestic poultry and wild birds. He said that acting as per action plan of Animal Husbandry for preparedness, control and containment of avian Influenza issued by Government of India, Rapid Response Teams have been constituted and deployed for collection and safe disposal of dead birds as per protocol. The infected areas are being disinfected and sanitized. The whole operation is being supervised by DFO Wildlife Hamirpur.

He said that on 5th January, 2021, as many as 336 migratory birds were reported dead in Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary area. About 2736 migratory birds have been reported dead till 5th January, 2021 evening in the Pong Dam Wildlife Sanctuary area.